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Integration kit for SelfCookingCenter® XS and CombiMaster® Plus XS.

For cabinet dimensions 700 mm width, 950 mm height, 600 mm depth

UltraVent® XS
N°: 60.74.063

UltraVent® Plus XS
N°: 60.74.405



Visual effect is important, especially in the front cooking area. The extremely flexible and easy-to-integrate installation kit includes a condensation hood. Depending on your individual needs, you can use the installation kit with a Ultra Vent or Ultra Vent Plus.

The Ultra Vent condensation hood absorbs and dissipates the steam completely. Our Ultra Vent condensation technology is also available in an Ultra Vent Plus model, which is equipped with special filters to prevent steam as well as bothersome smoke that could otherwise develop when grilling or roasting.

The concealment kit prevents the accumulation of dirt in less accessible areas, meets strict hygiene requirements and provides for a professional and harmonious overall appearance.


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